Wholesale purchase of Atlantic Canadian lobster

Homard des Îles is ranked the largest distributor of Atlantic Canadian lobster in Québec. Our export licence gives us the opportunity to offer wholesale purchase as much in the local markets as the national and international.

Become a distributor

You would like to order large quantities of lobster to:

  • distribute it
  • prepare a major event
  • make your personal reserves on a regular basis

The wholesale option is for you.

Choose the Atlantic Canadian lobster

Our Atlantic Canadian lobster is a very popular delight. Caught at sunrise in the cold water of the St. Lawrence, by our team of 50 fishermen, it is sent your way in the shortest time possible. We take good care of fully preserving its quality and freshness. Because we want your customers to taste the delicacy of the flesh. The Homard des Îles label is a guaranty of the highest quality. Ask for it!

Optimal conditions

We recreate the ideal environment to give our Atlantic Canadian lobster the best conditions there is. Water temperature control, closed circuit evolution. These are just a few examples. We are putting every effort so that every lobster is vigorous and keeps its characteristics.

Fast and efficient service

We guaranty the best service all the way! Starting with a careful monitoring of every step. From the fishing to your door.

  • Sustainable MSC fishing
  • Put in our tanks on the docks of Havre-Aubert
  • Upload by our crew in refrigerated trucks
  • Delivery by CTMA Transport
  • Transfer in our water tanks
  • Packaging as requested by the customer and the requirements of the destination country
  • Expedition
  • Close monitoring until delivery

Our goal: your satisfaction

Service is at the heart of our mission. In business for over 20 years now, Homard des Îles has developed a large expertise. A competent team, and trusted partners are supporting our business. Reception, packaging, delivery. From our tools to our large distribution network, we offer you a purchase experience up to your expectations.

You can count on us

Distribute the best live Atlantic Canadian lobster in the most efficient way. That is our commitment to you wholesale buyers. To get our wholesale fresh and vigorous lobster, fill in the form below or call Serge Renaud, owner.