Lobster receipts

A good lobster roasted on the barbecue sprinkled of white wine glass dry fresh good in the garden, it is not the summer ! 

Hokkaido lobster Japanese

recette Homard Hokkaido

Lobster salad

salade de homard

Roasted lobster and tomato chutney…

recette homard grillé et chutney de tomates vertes aux fruits exotiques

Scented lobster

recette homard parfumé

Roasted lobster with Italian salsa 

recette homard grillé et salsa à l'italienne

Vapor lobster

recette homard à la Vapeur

Roasted lobster with sabayon champagne

homard grillé sabayon au champagne

Roasted lobster of Christmas

recette homard grillé de Noel

Lobster thermidor

recette homard thermidor

Lobster sandwich

sandwich au homard