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In addition to our lobsters to be sold, our counters abound in products frozen such as lasagne with the seafood, snails to garlic, cockles St Jacques and more still. Without counting our various preserve products and cooled very diversified such as shrimp, crab, smoked trout, smoked salmon, prawns, cod, whelks, clams, etc.

At Homard des Îles, satisfy you is a priority!

Prix homard du quebec

Lobster boiled in water

1- Withdraw the rubber bands of the grips of lobster.

2- In a cauldron of intermediate size, to make boil from 3 to 4 inches of water and ½ cup of marine salt.

3- Plunge lobster on the back. Thus you will preserve water in lobster.

4- When water starts boil again, calculate the time of cooking according to the table of bottom.

5- Leave lobster of the cauldron and plunge it in cool salted water to stop cooking and thus to make take off flesh of the carapace.

lobster cooking
lobster tank